"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

                                                                             Margaret Mead

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Huron County MI.


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On Dec.19, 2009 WERU 89.9 FM radio interviewed residentsWind Action of Vinalhaven, Maine, home of the Fox Island Wind Farm, a community wind farm consisting of 3-1.5 MW wind turbines commissioned on Nov. 17, 2009.  Residents of Vinalhaven supported this project nearly100%.  Listen to what they have to say.

Why Is Wind Power So expensive?  An Economic Analysis

Gordon Hughes   Forward by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne  

The Global Warming Policy Foundation

Complete report and Map

Spinning a Green Yarn -- Another Inconvenient Truth

by D Cecchini       

Published   January 23, 2012

Quick online review of book and download information

The Beginning Of The End Of Wind

3/4/2012 by Matt Ridley, The Spectator

>>Article Link<<


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  

3/23/2012  Current and Final

Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines

 Note: Voluntary adherence  








HELLO this what you want?

This is only 300, plus imagine a total of 700.

Huron County, Michigan

DTE offers a Participation Agreement 

to land owners In Chandler, Oliver and McKinley Townships


>>Letter to land owners<<

Huron County

Land Owners with Wind Turbine

 leases and descriptions as of 2010

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"NOTE"  When you are linked click on Search and type in name or just scroll.

For a more current update check with the 

Huron County Register of Deeds office 


I strongly encourage all of you to use this new article on DTE and wind turbines to load up the comments section with your anecdotes regarding the duplicity of turbine developers across the state TODAY.

>Windmill Spin: 'No' Means Maybe <

Wind Wise Radio

Internet Wind Energy Talk

Every Sunday Evening

RE: Huron County

Its all about the money.... so now lets have the 'real' conversation about wind.

******* Wind Rush Abridged Version *******

Wind Action 03/14/2013 Produced 03/04/2013 (Posted 03/14/2013) by Andrew Gregg, Wind Wise Radio (Video)


Here’s more to think about.  Pass it on.

Attorney says county can hold off on new turbines  Wind Action 01/28/2015 by Chris Aldridge in the Huron Daily Tribune ( Huron County, Michigan)

HELLO this what you want?

This is only 300, plus imagine a total of 700.


Huron County, Michigan




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