"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

                                                                             Margaret Mead

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On Dec.19, 2009 WERU 89.9 FM radio interviewed residents of Vinalhaven, Maine, home of the Fox Island Wind Farm, a community wind farm consisting of 3-1.5 MW wind turbines commissioned on Nov. 17, 2009.  Residents of Vinalhaven supported this project nearly100%.  Listen to what they have to say.




Armow wind offers to buy couples' home  Wind Action 11/21/2013 by Ken Kilpatrick in Blackburn News ( Ontario, Canada)

Wind turbines have reduced property values, court says  Wind Action 04/23/2013 by John Spears in The Star (Canada)

Juwi Wind Energy struggles with property value impact  Wind Action Produced 03/01/2013 (Posted 04/01/2013 by Tipton County CRD) (Video) (Indiana)

Wind farms DO hit house prices: Government agency finally admits that thousands can be wiped off value of homes  Wind Action 7/22/2012 by Gerri Peev in Daily Mail (UK)

Wind farm generates debate 12/10/2011 by Ryan Randazzo in The Arizona Republic (Arizona)

Wind turbines blow down resale value of homes: Pedlar  Wind Action 3/1/2012 by Heather Wright in Sarnia This Week (Canada)

Ontario wind power faces test over property values  Wind Action 10/4/2011 by Dave Seglins and John Nicol in CBC News (Canada)

Ontario wind power bringing down property values  Wind Action 10/1/2011 by John Nicol and Dave Seglins in CBC News (Ontario, Canada)

Wind project unlikely in Hammond 4/10/2011 by Matt McAllister in The Journal (New York)

Ontario Realtor: Property value impact from wind turbines  Posted 6/2/2011 by Wind Concerns Ontario (Canada) (Video)

Wind project foes cite impact on property values  Wind Action 3/24/2011 by Brian Boyd in South Coast Today (Massachusetts)

Many concerns about wind farm at hearing in Prospect  Wind Action 2/24/2011 by Janice Podsada in The Hartford Courant (Connecticut)

Hammond wind panel OKs property guarantee  Wind Action 12/30/2010 by Matt McAllister in Watertown Daily News (New York)

Iberdrola: RPVG (Residential Property Value Guarantee Agreement) Draft Is 'Unworkable'  Wind Action 12/10/2010 by Matt McAllister in Daily Courier-Observer (New York)

Iberdrola threatens to leave  (Land Values) Wind Action 12/8/2010 by Matt McAllister in The Journal (New York)

Cottagers' Association finds majority don't support wind power  Wind Action 10/26/2010 by Troy Patterson in The Sunday Times (Canada)

A new slant on wind farms  Wind Action 10/27/2010 by Loujane Johns in The Chronicle Express (New York)

Huron County group urges residents to vote against energy districts  Wind Action 10/31/2010 by Michael Wayland in the Bay City Times (Michigan)

Windfall' documentary explores perils of wind power  Wind Action 09/10/2010 by Anthony Kaufman in Wall Street Journal

Properties 'virtually unmarketable'  Wind Action 09/22/2010 by Greg Fladager in Casper Journal (Wyoming)


Take Note: Denmark: public policy regarding loss of value to real property due to wind turbines  Wind Action 01/2009 (Denmark)


No future in industrial wind  Wind Action 06/13/2010 Burlington Free Press (Rob Pforzheimer) (Vermont)


Testimony of Michael McCann on property value impacts in Adams County IL.  Wind Action 06/08/2010 by Michael McCann CRA (Illinois)


Wind farm property sells at sheriff's sale  Wind Action 5/06/2010 (Wisconsin)



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“We tried to find another realtor,” said Ann, “They’d ask ‘is it near the wind turbines?’